29 Jan

As we remove Luke’s dinner tray and reveal the underlying mess all over his bib and lap, Tim exclaims, “ohhh yummy, crotch pasta.”  Lucas looks down, notices aforementioned crotch pasta and immediately shovels it into his mouth.

– – – – – – –

We are not one smidge closer to convincing Lucas to part ways with his beloved binkie – although I will say that he is excellent about only wanting/expecting it in his crib for nap/nighttime.  It’s even more confounding since he has been napping sans binkie at daycare since he was 15 months old.   We consistently reinforce that binkies are for babies, and he consistently tells us that he isn’t a baby, but instead a “big boy.” The conversation usually goes like this:

Mommy: “You want your binkie?? But, binkies are for babies.  Are you a baby?”
Lucas: “No, I not baby.  I a big boy.”
Mommy: “Oh okay, if you are a big boy, then I’ll keep the binkie.  Binkies are for babies.”
Lucas: “Binkies for babies and Doucas.”

And with that, I promptly give up the fight and hand over the binkie.  Score 5,482 for the “Duke.”


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