Five Things I Love About Lucas: 25 months

18 Jan

1) After a few nights of prompting from me, Lucas has now started to ask Tim during dinner, without any reminding or prodding on my part, “How was your day, Daddy?”  It seems so incredibly grown up to hear him inquiring about someone else’s day — and, even better, he loves to listen to Tim talk about what he did at work.

2) Another frequent dinner occurrence is elaborate, pretend play and conversation with his food — typically carried out to avoid eating it, of course.  He talks to each piece of pasta, fruit or bread and sometimes purposefully bites around certain edges to make his food into specific shapes – boats, slides, airplanes, etc… He’ll often say, “you’re next” to his food before shoving it in his mouth.

3) He doesn’t only talk to his food these days – he likes to talk to everything… Each toy on the floor needs to be bid adieu before he goes upstairs for the night.  Each stuffed animal in the car needs to be kissed and hugged before he gets out of his carseat.  When he needs a diaper change, he’ll shout to his table of toys, “okay guys, I go upstairs. I change my diaper. I be right back. Four minutes!” and the entire trip up the stairs he’ll yell down “see ya later friends!”

4) His love for monkey is just as strong as ever before. When they are reunited after his evening bath, he rubs him all over his face and says (over and over) “Oh monkey, you so nice.”

5) Broccoli is his play food of choice. When he is making his toys have pretend meals, he is always serving broccoli.  When he is cooking in his kitchen, broccoli is always on the menu.  Tim told him that his plastic Elmo has broccoli in his backpack and he firmly accepts that this is the truth.  Interestingly, if you ask him if he’d like to eat some broccoli, he says “No. Doucas no eat broccoli.  Daddy eat broccoli.”  — also a statement of truth.


2 Responses to “Five Things I Love About Lucas: 25 months”

  1. jan kinnally January 18, 2013 at 10:25 pm #

    just love your blogs re Lucas, really helps those of us in the family that are far away understand the little guy and get to know him better, thanks for all your fantastic posts, love, aunt jan

  2. GiGi January 20, 2013 at 7:25 am #

    This post is hysterical, love his personality and evolving conversations. What a boy!!!

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