Toddler Torture

16 Jan

Here’s Mr. Happy…


Wait, you don’t think he looks that happy? You are correct.  But, this was about the happiest we could make him on Saturday.

Why? Oh friends and family, if you could answer that, the riches that would befall you would last until the ages.  Who ever knows why a toddler is sometimes elated beyond your greatest hopes and otherwise morose and miserable to a degree you didn’t know existed.


In fact, I’m fairly sure the US Government would have loved to borrow him on Saturday (and, we, of course, as part of our civic duty, would gladly have handed him over) to test out new torture techniques at Guantanamo Bay. Because, without doubt, an hour spent with Mr. Moodypants Grumperface would surely have any criminal confessing to their deepest, darkest sins – just in hopes of being relieved from the constant whining, continuous crying, drumbeat of “I want somefin” statements that are never followed with a lick of clarification.


Thankfully, Sunday was a new day with a very different attitude.


One Response to “Toddler Torture”

  1. Teresa January 18, 2013 at 7:01 am #

    Tell Luke that Aunt T understands, some days I feel the same way 🙂

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