15 Jan

Since being in the new house, Lucas has been a little jumpier than usual.  It has gotten progressively better as time goes on, but he’s easier to spook and quick to need comforting.  With this, I’ve tried to reign in my hysterical laughter every time he gets scared by something inane (like an airplane flying by) and control my desire to scare him for sport.

Even with increased attention to keeping him calm and collected, little things in day to day conversation will give him the shivers.

  1. Any mention of “Rosie the Wrecking Crane” from his Smash! Crash! book sends him into a state. Similarly, any whisper of her line “hey, you two!” elicits shouts, screams and adamant proclamations of “go away, Rosie!”
  2. He loves his Bug Hut and stuffed bugs …. except for the black fly.  Interestingly, the black fly has also gone missing as of late — likely increasing the scare value.  Heavens help the parent who casually asks “where’s the black fly? – as you will now spend fifteen minutes assuring Lucas that the black fly is not scary and certainly is not perched under the dresser waiting to “buzz him.”
  3. But, the most recent addition to the scaredy cat list is “muskers.”  It took a few mentions for me to crack this code.  Muskers come in many varieties — specifically in our house the “Tickle Musker” and the “Belly Button Musker.” Yup, monsters… and even though the tickle monster comes for laughs and the belly button monster kisses bellies that pop out of shirts – they are scary things.

When he is having a musker moment, we are quick to reassure him that he’s safe; that mommy, daddy and Tali are the only ones in the house; that muskers/Rosie/black flies are friendly; and comfort with hugs and kisses.  But, I won’t deny walking away shaking my head and laughing a little bit all the same.



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