Snow Day

8 Jan

Luke was very excited by the recent snowfall.  He liked watching it out the window, and nearly exploded with joy when we suggested he go outside and play in it.  The joy was only compounded when he learned he would be wearing his cousin Jason’s snow gear — apparently he loves hand-me-downs just as much as his Mama.


Now, the above picture may lead you to believe that he adored frolicking in the snow… that would be an incorrect assumption.  He mostly stood stoically in one place for minutes on end – frozen and staring into the white yonder while Tim made and threw snowballs, while Tali dashed to and fro, while neighbors shoveled their driveways.


He preferred and requested-often to be held.  Although, if you’ve ever held a thirty pound toddler wearing ten layers of snow gear slick with falling snow and ice, you’ll pity Tim’s arms and envy his patience in this picture.


After coming back in, he happily reported that playing in the snow is FUN!  He couldn’t wait to get back out there.  You’d have thought he had been sledding the alps or making snow angels with Mickey Mouse himself; the rave reviews consistent with the frozen statue he made while “playing” outside. But, ask and ye shall receive, back out he headed later in the afternoon while Tim finished shoveling.  Only to again, resume the important job of snow voyeur.




One Response to “Snow Day”

  1. Megan January 8, 2013 at 11:24 am #

    Aww poor guy. He probably couldn’t move right because of the snow suit!!!

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