Baby Night Vision

4 Jan

Since settling into the new house, we’ve spent quite a bit of time speculating on the uprisings coming from Luke’s room at night once we’ve put him into his crib.  There are loud bangs.  Shouts.  Sometimes repeated choruses of nursery rhymes echoing down the hall.  There are unexplained thumps – some so loud that we actually go upstairs to ensure he hasn’t fallen out of the crib and hurt himself.  I’d never quite wished for a video monitor so much, because what on earth was the child doing in there!

Through a circuitous path of friends recommendations and holiday markdowns, I stumbled across a great deal on a surveillance camera.  Now, not a true baby monitor, but not as expensive as one either, this surveillance camera could provide answer to our upstairs’ bumps in the night.Screen shot 2012-12-26 at 2.38.35 PM

And henceforth we’ve had baby night vision (and full color displays during the day) to peek at Lucas.  The thumps and bumps — tend to be his body slams of his stuffed Big Bird into the side of the crib.  Or, him laying on his back and slamming his feet against the mattress (or the wall).  We’ve spotted him lining up all his stuffed friends only to serenade them with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. And, when he is really avoiding sleep, we watch him put Monkey over his head in the fashion of a jaunty beret and repeatedly pull him off while laughing hysterically.



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