3 Jan

Here are a few glimpses into our holiday break…


Christmas Morning:”Lucas, do you think Santa came last night?”
“No.  He not.”


Physically unable to resist, I insist upon using his adorable new bug hut toy to scare him, making the spider (the one toy in it that unsettles him) crawl out of the hut and quickly proceed in his direction. He screams.  He runs in the opposite direction.  He slams his skull into the corner of the wall and a giant egg erupts.  And, I learn an important lesson both in karma and parenting.


Luke rolling around on the ground shouting, “oh my god!” over and over leaves us wondering where on earth he learned the phrase.  Neither Tim nor I say it yet he clearly has it mastered. I resolve to talk to the daycare teachers about it and ask that they refrain from saying it in his presence. Fast forward a few days to dinner at Gigi and PopPop’s house, and my mom in the midst of a sentence says “oh my god” — at which point, without missing a single beat, Luke shouts “oh my god.”  And there’s our answer.


Lucas playing with one of his birthday gifts – a teddy bear named Jungle Joe – says, “I”m going on a jungle ab-veture with Aunt Megan, TT and Grandpa.” Three people never who have never been in the same room in his presence, but consider your boarding passes issued.


Within seconds of going to the bathroom, Lucas heads upstairs announcing “I be right back.  I go upstairs.  I change my diaper.”  If only…


The morning we headed back to work/school, Luke quickly resumed his early morning wake up schedule after a blissful week of sleeping in.  I accused Tim of waking him up and said that he was making noise like an elephant was downstairs.  Five minutes later, Luke pipes up and says, “I go downstairs.  I see elephant.”


2 Responses to “Glimpses”

  1. Teresa January 3, 2013 at 1:15 pm #

    I am in, ask Luke when we leave on our adventure. (I also am so excited I was included!!)

  2. GiGi January 3, 2013 at 6:50 pm #

    “OMG” I knew this boy was too smart, GiGi is busted!!!!

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