20 Dec

“I want somefin,” is an oft-heard statement in our house.  It comes in the form of a first request or a rebuttal.  I’ll ask Lucas if he is hungry and he’ll tell me he wants “somefin” or I’ll offer him a specific snack or toy and he’ll reply, “no, I want somefin.” Rarely, it’s delivered as “somefin else” but more often than not he is requesting the elusive something with full and complete confidence that I know exactly what he is seeking.  I can say with confidence that, 100 percent of the time, I don’t.

Then begins the guessing game.  “You want goldfish?” I ask.  “No, I want somefin,” he replies.  “Strawberries?” “No, somefin!” with a little more insistence.  So on and so forth until inevitably one of us is crying and the other banging their head against the wall (although at times these roles are interchangeable).

I’ve stopped the endless guessing in recent days and offered three choices.  He never wants any of them at the time they are being offered.  He still ends up sobbing and I walk away frustrated, but it usually takes about five minutes for him to return and say “goldfish, yes, okay.  I eat goldfish.” It’s a small win — one that usually fizzles in excitement when the next negotiation begins about the location he will consume said snack; in his mind, never the kitchen.

Another oft-quoted phrase … “I want somefin too.  I want calm, quiet and peace.”  Interestingly enough, those three rarely co-exist in our crazy two-year old house.



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