Please Touch Museum

17 Dec

In honor of Lucas’ birthday, Gigi and I took him for a special day at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia – an awesome place dedicated to curious little munchkins.  It was kid heaven and only minorly parent hell. We spent three hours exploring the exhibits. Luke loved the carousel (which we rode twice), the water play and the exorbitant number of cars and trucks that he could get in.  Although, his absolute favorite may have been the fully stocked supermarket with child-sized carts.  Little man tore it up in there – snapped up a cart and zoomed around filling it up.



One Response to “Please Touch Museum”

  1. GiGi December 19, 2012 at 2:31 pm #

    Fun day, better captioned ” how fast can I wheel around that grocery store”, or “how fast can I get in and out of all those cars, buses, trucks” !!!!!

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