Moving Day

10 Dec

It’s been a whirlwind of a week since moving day. Tim and I both feel like we’ve been spinning tops – probably for the last month or so, even though we (mostly Tim, let’s be real) did 95% of the packing on our last weekend in the old house.

I was so nostalgic leading up to the last day.  And then, that morning, I woke up ready.  I was ready for the next chapter, and eager for the new house.  I couldn’t wait to show everything to Lucas and finally feel settled again.  I was ready to break in the new kitchen and sleep in my new bed.  It wasn’t hard to leave the old house, because things felt right.

The seven blurry days we’ve been here have been busy, something that probably won’t change till after the holidays.  The holiday cards I ordered before Thanksgiving so that I’d be on top of things are still sitting on my counter – not addressed and certainly not mailed.  There are more boxes than I’d like to admit still sitting in the basement and we can’t find things like the iPad charger or envelopes.  Our closet is a mess of hangers and boxes with no organization.

But, Lucas’ room, toys and our living areas are great.  They were the priority and his adjustment to the new house has been as expected. He spent several days scared of everything, particularly the fireplace and the windows in his room.  He still isn’t sleeping well and wakes us up way too early each morning with shouts of “I want my mommy!” But, when we took him back old house last weekend for some final paint touch ups, he shouted, “Not dis house!  New house!” And when I picked him up at daycare today he said, “I go new house, okay mom?”  I’ll chalk that one in the success column.

Here are some photos of the madness.  Click on them to make them bigger so you can really appreciate the chaos.


One Response to “Moving Day”

  1. Teresa December 11, 2012 at 5:20 pm #

    I can’t wait to see all of the new house 🙂

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