Hide & Seek

21 Nov

Lucas is super interested in hiding and seeking these days.

The problem is… he isn’t so great at hiding.  For instance, after I close my eyes and dramatically count to ten, I often open them to find this:Isn’t he so hard to spot?

After much practice, he progressed to hiding like this.  It either happens while standing, or laying on the floor.  (sorry for quality – not only is it a cell phone photo, I think my hand was shaking from violent laughter at this point).

Because, you know, if he can’t see me, he is surely invisible to all.

We continued to work and work at it, and I counted this milestone a success.

He completely and totally blends in, huh?  Perfect camouflage.

Finally, Tim got involved and started to help with the hiding.  The two of them would run off to hide and I’d count to ten.  After counting, I’d begin the dramatic “Where’s Lucas?  I can’t find him.  I’m looking for Lucas!”  at which point this video does a better job of recounting his reaction:


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