23 Months

12 Nov

Dear Lucas-

In less than one month, you’ll be two years old.  You remind me often that you aren’t a baby anymore – “I big boy Mommy,” you say.  And then you often follow it up with “you big boy too Mommy,” reminding me that you might not be quite as big as you think you are quite yet.

I can’t decide if it is perfectly fitting or completely horrifying that we won’t take your last monthly picture at our house.  Or, that you’ll celebrate your second birthday in a new place.  We will only have been in the new house — our new home — for a week when you turn two.  I wonder if you’ll be confused about where we are and why we are there for so long — or, if like so much else in your sweet 23 month old life, you’ll just trust that all is well since we are together.

I wonder if you will still tell me that you dreamed of monkeys and elephants and giraffes in your new room – even without the monkey dangling over your crib. Selfishly I hope it stays the same, but I also can’t wait for you to start dreaming big dreams in this new house – big dreams for your future, your life.

At the ripe old age of 23 months, you are a huge lover of Mickey Mouse and all his friends.  We sing the Mickey Mouse songs often and every time merits some excellent dance moves on your part.  Cars are, by far, your favorite toys. And, you are still content to play independently with your cars and trucks for longer than most of your toddler counterparts.

You can count to eleven – although not always in the right order.  If I start you with number one, you’ll follow suit straight through.  But, when asked to count how many of something there are, you almost always begin with two and then jump around from there.  The alphabet is a lost cause (except MICKEY which you can spell right along with your favorite song), and when reviewing letters you will often mix numbers in “A – B – 4 – C – 6 – 2!”

You are a sweet, funny tornado of a little guy, and we are just so incredibly thankful you are ours.

I love you to the moon and back!
Your Mama



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