Trick or Treating

7 Nov


As billed, the last of the Halloween posts.  Here’s the actual trick or treating experience for our little guy. 

Before we headed out, we reminded him to say “Trick or Treat?” after knocking on doors.  His reply, “I wanna treat.” I’m fairly sure he thought we were asking him the question and his response was clear.  He refused to say the “trick or” part all evening and consistently said “I wanna treat” or “a treat!”

He had no fear in approaching the neighbors houses – especially after promises of treats – until the first neighbor answered the door wearing a face mask.  The screams echoed throughout the entire neighborhood – and that reaction continued every time he encountered a masked costume.  He screamed “no face!” and ran in the opposite direction.

After his big excursion (five houses), he managed to collect twice as much candy as we expected (or wanted) and headed home to collect his loot.

He counted each piece, over and over.  It went a little bit like “2,3,5,8,9,2!” And when I asked him how many pieces he got, he replied “two fee nine!”

We allowed him his first piece of candy that night – a miniature kit kat bar. With no trepidation (unlike when we are forcing vegetables upon him), he chowed down exclaiming “is yummy!” And, then he told me it tasted just like “stwawbewwees.”

It was equally thrilling to answer the door and help pass out candy to our neighbors.  He called each person who came to the door a “treater” and would holler “more treaters!!” each time someone knocked.


2 Responses to “Trick or Treating”

  1. GiGi November 7, 2012 at 12:40 pm #

    On his way to a career in finance with that wonderful counting skill!!!! Love the dog tongue on the front of the doggie costume.

  2. Tim November 9, 2012 at 12:28 pm #

    that’s a darn fine looking jack-o-lantern

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