From the Kitchen

19 Oct

1) Salted Caramel Butter Bars – These were divine – not at all dry and crumbly like shortbread crusts sometimes can be.  I added walnuts and chocolate chips to the salted caramel layer and halved the entire recipe.

2) White Pizza Dip – I made this for a Labor Day cookout and served it with sliced baguette pieces.

3) Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken – We’ve had this a couple times since I first made it – that kind of says it all.  It’s really tasty, although I hate the mess of the cornstarch egg dipping.  Lucas also enjoys it!

4) Spinach Cake Muffins – Never ending quest to convince Luke to eat vegetables = me baking them into muffins.  He was eh about them – which is better than either Tim or I felt after seeing the green confections.

5) Roasted Red Pepper and Basil Pesto Penne – This was delicious – Luke and I loved it and Tim said he liked “parts of it” but never elaborated further.  I already bought more roasted red peppers for a redux.

6) Reeces Brownie Ice Cream Cake – Here’s the recipe for Tim’s birthday cake, although I changed the ice cream to chocolate peanut butter.  We will make this again despite the fact that it takes several days for the various steps of freezing and baking!

7) Takeout Makeover: General Tso’s Chicken – Not sure how close it was in taste to General Tso’s from a restaurant although it was really delicious none the less.  I reduced the tomato paste and increased the honey/soy – also didn’t have chili oil or chili peppers and didn’t miss them.  I threw in some ground chili pepper to add some heat.


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