Goodnight Moon

16 Oct

We’ve been reading Goodnight Moon every night since Luke was 4 weeks old.  It’s part of the well established nighttime routine and we never vary our book selection – although I imagine that will change in the coming months/years.
Until recently, Lucas has never shown any interest in “reading along” with me.  But as I’ve started to observe him memorizing songs, words from shows, and other portions of books, I wondered why Goodnight Moon wasn’t sticking.  Turns out, he only needed the invitation.  Now we read the book together – I pause for each noun and he proudly and loudly announces it.

Mama: “Goodnight…”
Lucas: “Moon.”
Mama: “Goodnight…”
Lucas: “Cow”
Mama: “jumping over the…”
Lucas: “Moon!”

He’s fairly accurate in his rendering, but consistently gives the incorrect responses for mittens — which are always described loudly as SOCKS — and comb — which is apparently a TOOF BRUSH!.

I love the new addition to our thus far previously unchanged bedtime routine.


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