24 Sep

Luke’s new favorite word is “mine.”

When we came back from vacation and were walking into his school, we passed the playground and he screamed “mine slide! mine swing!” When I was coloring in his “All About Lucas” sheet for display in his classroom, interestingly enough, each crayon I touched was “mine!”

Recently, “mine” is not a powerful enough word for him.  He starts his statements with “mine” but follows them up with “Not Mama’s. Not Daddy’s. Not Tali’s. Dou-cas!” Of course, I hear glowing reports on his ability to share at school, and I’ve seen it firsthand with his friends at home.  But apparently, sharing doesn’t extend to parents, grandparents, strangers on the playground or his dog.

This morning, when I was getting ready for work, he stood next to my bed, pounding his fist on the mattress howling “my big bed. mine. mine. mine.” Until I officially lost my mind.  After my head spun around ten times and fire shot out of my eyeballs, I found myself kneeling next to him, gritting my teeth and saying “this is my bed. daddy’s bed. not Lucas. if you want to get in this bed you say please, and you remember every second that you are in there is on my time and at my will.”  And after the world righted itself on its axis and my breathing slowed, I thought arguing with a one and a half year old perhaps shows that he isn’t the only one with a “mine” problem. We’ll work on it together. <side note: poor Tim>


One Response to “Mine”

  1. kristrange September 24, 2012 at 9:11 am #

    H’s current favorite saying is “I share” meaning give it to me it is mine. He just needs to learn how to share back now.

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