21 Months

10 Sep

Dear Lucas–

We are free falling our way towards age two and Mommy’s handling it with all the grace and aplomb of a an old pro. (that, my son, is sarcasm at it’s best.) Because I’m sure it is totally normal to be sneaking into your room multiple times every night to try and preserve the memory of your small body rising and falling with heavy sleep, and completely typical to be inhaling at your neck with huffs so deep they cause dizzy spells. All this in an effort to remember – to remember these times that are the most delicious combination of sweet and salty ever made. If I could take this age and press it between two pieces of wax paper to keep for all of eternity, you’d find me in aisle twelve snatching up all the Reynolds available.

But for all of my attempts to tie you up in acid-free preserving paper, you are every bit the older, wiser, funnier and sweeter baby with each month that passes.  You are constantly proving what a big guy you are — walking all the way too and from the park without the stroller; speaking in nearly full sentences at times; making sure to give hugs and kisses to all your stuffed animals before heading out for the day; comforting friends at school when they cry; and sleeping straight through the night even on the first day of vacation when your mother gets up at 4:30am to make sure you are still breathing and not crying since, for the first time ever, you are sleeping on a different floor of the house.

These days you love to laugh.  And it is so wonderful to live in a house full of your laughter.  When you think that I do something funny, your smile breaks from ear to ear and you scream “Mama!” in a slightly-incredulous-that-your-old-mom-is-funny-but-gosh-darn-she-is-kinda way. And you love to play, especially with Daddy and Tali.  If Daddy sits down in his chair, you’ll march over and insist, “no, Dada! Floor! Off chair.”

But, in your mind, no amount of indoor play compares to even a single minute of being outside. You ask to go outside, go to the park, take a walk or play on the deck constantly.  All. Day. Long. Sometimes I’ll walk into your room in the morning and you’ll stand up and say “ah-side?” As if we should proceed, without stopping at go, without collecting $200, immediately outside in our pajamas to get the party started.

Lucas, you are the brightest light in our lives. With you, we laugh louder, smile wider, wake up earlier, and certainly spend a whole lot more time outside.

I love you to the moon and back,
Your Mama



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