5 Sep

I can hardly believe that five months ago my child wasn’t saying a word.  These days, he’s all chatter all the time.  It is quite possibly my favorite sound in the world.  Of course, I doubt he’s totally understandable to those who aren’t living in our house.  Here’s a quick glossary of some of my favorite Luke-isms – those mispronounced or misused words that are way too cute to correct:

  • Udder cheerios — Luke speak for Golden Graham cereal
  • Tubber — Take a bath in the tub
  • Tits — this one is super fun, especially when he screams “Mama, Tits!” while pointing across the crowded playground.  He means “kids!”
  • He uses the words “fall” and “over” constantly and interchangeably, but never together.  They both mean “fall over” and his toys are constantly “over.”
  • All animals are known by their proper name, except dogs which are only referred to as “woof woofs”



One Response to “Chatterbox”

  1. GiGi September 6, 2012 at 8:11 pm #

    Luke’s “tits” are similar to his mother’s scream of “turners”, as 2 year old, whenever she saw “children”, and the loudest screams for the “turners” would always be in a public place. I must say I think I had it easier with “turners”, rather than “tits”!!!!! Don’t take him to see “ducks” anytime soon, just playing it safe……..

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