Four Fun Facts About Lucas – Age 20.5 Months

30 Aug

1) He’s very concerned about shoes – particularly who is and isn’t wearing them.  If Tim and I aren’t wearing shoes but Luke is… well, you might mistake his reaction with that of a person learning the world is ending in thirty seconds.  We all must either wear or not wear shoes at the same time.  Unless, we are talking about water shoes, in which case it is perfectly appropriate to request to wear these within ten minutes of waking up in the morning regardless of everyone else’s foot attire.

2) We call him the “all done police.” If we are eating together and someone finishes first, he will promptly scream out “Ah dun!!  Dadda ah dun!” while swinging his hand back and forth.  Many times, in his eagerness to declare “all done,” he’ll jump the gun and misfire if the person is just holding the remainder of the meal (like in the case of a sandwich).  He always looks disappointed when he learns of his mistake.

3) Recently, he’s quite displeased whenever I pull my hair into a ponytail.  He has to walk behind me to see the rest of my hair and often is observed muttering things like “all gone” and “bye bye hair” while side eyeing my direction.

4) Our most effective discipline strategy for behaviors like hitting or smacking is to say that he is making Mama/Dada sad (with a corresponding, dramatic sad face).  He immediately repents his action and offers up hugs.  However, he’s been recently overheard playing with his animals and when one knocked the other over, he started saying “sheepie sad” again and again. Perhaps this disciplinary strategy needs to be rethought out…



One Response to “Four Fun Facts About Lucas – Age 20.5 Months”

  1. GiGi August 31, 2012 at 9:50 am #

    I wonder if he will react with immediate repenting behavior, ( like his Mama), this year, at Christmas, when the song ” you better watch out, you better not pout, better not cry, I’m telling you why?” etc, etc,,,,, A few verses of that song would send you into a frenzy of worry when you were caught misbehaving !!!!!

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