14 Aug

Here’s our little stuff in his favorite hat.

He has plenty of hats with big floppy brims – hats which offer excellent sun protection yet no appeal to Lucas.  Why? Well I imagine because Tim wears baseball caps.  Monkeysee. Monkeydo.  And since he was insisting on wearing an infant sized hat on his giant (comes by it from his mother) noggin, I special ordered his toddler baseball cap.

These days, we can’t go outside unless it’s on.  If Tim is wearing one, you can bet Lucas is standing under the counter requesting his. We have lots of discussions about who wears hats:  “Daddy hat! Dou-cas hat!  Mama no hat!”

Yet despite his insistence on wearing the hat, he has a comparable insistence on discarding it within fifteen minutes of being outside.  Usually you can find Tim or I clutching the precious hat while trudging up the street after our blonde haired boy.

Here’s his thoughts on the topic:


One Response to “Hat”

  1. GiGi August 14, 2012 at 6:11 pm #

    “Yes he does!!”‘ A 3 word sentence, very impressive, and too stinking cute for words!!!

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