20 Months Old

10 Aug

Dear Lucas–

And just like that, your number of months now starts with the number 2, and we are only a quarter year away from abandoning months altogether. I continue to wake up on these mornings stunned as the next tick towards childhood marks our minds.

There’s no doubt any longer that you are a toddler.  I was late to embrace this label – as you, my baby, will always be such. But your fickle moods, wild tantrums, and persnickety eating habits plunk you clearly into the toddler camp.  The last vestiges of babydom still linger – the pudgy, no-arch feet, rubber band wrists that collect lint and creases of paint, and perhaps most tellingly your love of the pacifier.  The pacifier – an object only allowed in-crib at this point – remains an oft-requested comfort item.  In fact, when I ask you what you dreamed about the previous night, you almost always tell me “binkies” although sometimes you also respond “harses” (horses), I’m never sure if the harses have binkies in these dreams or if the whole milk you drink before bed has hallucinatory properties.

Perhaps the major development from this month is your ongoing quest for independence.  You are less and less interested in being carried and can often be seen twisting your body in the daycare parking lot while shouting “down” so that you can walk into school as an independent man.  Some of your favorite statements are “I hold it,” “I have it,” “mine,” and the always popular “away/back” combo which is delivered with a forceful hand gesture.

And, for as much as your independence can cause headaches, it is also such a searing source of pride. When watching you walk down the steps while standing (instead of bumping down on your behind of sliding on your stomach) only to get to the bottom step and shout “I did it!” – it is impossible not to smile.  Or, when you insist on throwing your trash out yourself or to be the one to give Tali his treat only to finish the chore and turn around with such pride … the heart melts.

My latest Lucas freeze frames — the moments I’d like to pause, package up and save for a lifetime of viewing — include our evening dance parties, as you bounce up and down to your favorite “Row, Row Your Boat” parental remixes; the cries for “a-hug” as you scamper into our laps; and the little voice that pipes up from the backseat when we pull into the driveway and shouts “home.”

We love little bundle… to the moon and back.
Your Mama



One Response to “20 Months Old”

  1. GiGi August 13, 2012 at 5:45 am #

    What a boy!!!!!!

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