Pretend Play

9 Aug

The pretend play train has officially left the station.

Passengers aboard are being treated to awesome pretend play scenarios from a curious toddler’s mind.  Recent vignettes have included:

  • Nightly milk consumption — Lucas gets a sip, so does his Little People “may-nn” (man).  Unfortunately, “may-nn” seems to be a messy drinker and milk ends up spilled across the coffee table, to which we exclaim “oh no!” with our hands held out in the air suggesting a “what on earth happened” inner monologue.
  • Morning dressing time — Before Lucas can get dressed, stuffed monkey, monkey blanket and stuffed bear need to try on his shorts and then give one another kisses.  Once clothed, we have to laugh hysterically at the sight of stuffed animals wearing clothes while kissing and then run naked out of the room.

This is an awesome age.




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