Asked and Answered

8 Aug

One of the best Luke-isms these days is his penchant for asking and then answering questions.  Who needs parents when you can give yourself all the self affirmation you need!

It goes like this…

Lucas: “Crah-ker?”
Mama: <ignores him>
Lucas: “Yeah!” <nods head and darts toward the kitchen>

And now, the call/response is happening with very little pause in between.

“Milk? Yeah!”
“Yoh-gurt? More. Peeeeeaaas. Yeah!”
“Mohn-key? Hug? Kiss? Yeah!”

Interestingly, the answer never seems to be no.  Although, I did overhear him say: “Broc-o-li? Nooooo!” just yesterday.


One Response to “Asked and Answered”

  1. Pop Pop August 8, 2012 at 11:57 am #

    I don’t blame him on the broccoli

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