1 Aug

Tomorrow marks my second trip to BlogHer.

I was there two years ago — all pregnant with swollen ankles and full-on walking waddle.  I thought it was an awesome conference and got to meet so many amazing women.  But, two years ago, I wasn’t blogging.  I was a blogger wannabe, a writer full of ideas without a medium to share.

I walked around and regularly said, “no, I don’t actually have a blog, but maybe someday.” Two years, one baby and zillions of words later, I’m a blogger and I’m going to hang out with my people.

<bahahaha, my people… as if.>

The reality is, I’m going to walk around (hopefully no waddling this time) and do a good bit of pointing at the “famous bloggers” and hopefully a good bit of chatting with folks I laugh with, cry for, and ultimately admire a whole heck of a lot.  So to all of you bloggers who are taking the time, cash and energy to connect with one another in the Big Apple, can’t wait.

Oh, and I’ll miss this guy an awful lot while I’m gone, but Mama can’t wait for that king size bed all to herself.


2 Responses to “BlogHer12”

  1. GiGi August 2, 2012 at 5:48 am #

    Great picture, enjoy Blogher, and keep on blogging, from one of your number 1 fans!!

  2. smithical August 2, 2012 at 8:54 am #

    have a blast!!! i’m eager to hear how you like the conference…and who you get to meet! 🙂 and glean some blogging knowledge from you.

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