Dutch Wonderland

17 Jul

We took Luke to Dutch Wonderland last week.  And, it was a blast.

He was an “Aquamarine” (Mommy’s birthstone) this year.

And, I was determined to get him on some rides by himself.  We immediately came upon this cute little ride – tiny cars he could sit on by himself that appeared to travel in a circle.  It was stopped and there was no line, so I rushed Tim inside to buckle Luke in.

Tim comes back out and we are clapping and cheering for him sitting by himself.  The ride hasn’t started yet and Tim comments, “this is really going to swing him around, you know?” To which I take issue and note “it’s a kid’s ride; it is just going to go around in a circle.  No big deal.” Tim replies, “it’s called the whip.”  And then this happened.

See the saucer eyes of terror.   Note the white knuckled grip.  If there was a sound track you could hear him screaming “all done!”  Need to see it closer?

From that point on, we rode rides together.

And watched shows, and ate snacks.

Until Daddy was ready for more of a thrill.

Can you see Tim up there?  Let’s look closer.

Yes, that’s our 19 month old child, riding the log flume.  Terrified.

We wrapped up the day in Duke’s Lagoon, perhaps Luke’s favorite part of the day.


2 Responses to “Dutch Wonderland”

  1. Teresa July 17, 2012 at 2:39 pm #

    So Fun:)) Kelly and I are hysterical at work reading this, thanks for the laughs.

  2. GiGi July 17, 2012 at 8:00 pm #

    Really, the whip the first ride!!! I have a pain in my side from laughing at that face!!!! The log flume, Tim looks scared!!! Tim looks adorable in the back seat of the car!!!!! Oh my!!!! Luke doesn’t even look too content on the merry go round. But he looks fascinated at the water park!!!! Great pics!!! I want to go next year.

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