6 Jun

That’s what time Luke ended up in our bed last night.  After a late night for both Tim and I spent catching up on lots of work, he decided that 3:15 was the proper time to wake up and start crying.  More than an hour later of constant crying, whining and screaming, Tim fetched him to our room and went to catch some zzzz’s in the guest bedroom.

I thought Luke would be exhausted after all that screaming.  Perhaps he’d had a nightmare and just wanted to cuddle with Mommy?  Perhaps he wasn’t feeling well and needed to snuggle?


After Tim deposited him in our bed, Lucas sat straight up and said “Row, Row?” His speak for “please sing Row, Row, Row Your Boat now.” I declined. He followed it up with “Colors?” Lucas talk for “please provide me with crayons and paper so that I may color. I declined. He let out a hearty sigh and signed for milk.  And then, he stayed awake and restless for the remainder of the morning.  It was awesome. <sarcasm>

I look forward to returning this favor when he’s around 19 years old.


One Response to “4:30am”

  1. Teresa June 6, 2012 at 9:33 am #

    Oh, the memories this brings back of you not sleeping and getting up REALLY early on vacations. Perhaps this is your payback!! Hang in there, it will get better:)

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