Main Street

30 Apr

Lucas loves visiting hi Gigi and PopPop’s house.  They’ve mastered the art of being kid friendly — more specifically, Lucas friendly.  Their home has endless supplies of ham, fruit, yogurt melts and toys.

In fact, Luke’s favorite toy resides at his grandparent’s home.  When we arrive, he announces “car” (although that could be coincidental since he says that every time we arrive anywhere) and runs to the front porch.  He walks in himself and beelines for the family room.  As far as he’s concerned, their family room always contains a large centerpiece on the coffee table with the Fisher Price Main Street set.

A relic from our childhood, the set features many Little People cars and two ramps.  Luke then spends every moment at their house pushing cars down the ramps.  Over. And over. And over.  Till it seems that he has no choice but to keep pushing cars down the ramps.  Soon, I’m afraid, it may seem I have no choice but to bring this toy to my house because I covet the free time it would allow me while he is busy pushing cars down ramps.

Gigi assures us that Lucas has already spent more time playing with this toy than Megan or I did combined.

And, heaven help that new cousin who is soon to arrive, may he never lay a finger on Luke’s cars and ramps for fear of losing it.  An early piece of advice from Aunt Jess, stick to the cash register little man, Main Street is spoken for…


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