Five Things Luke Loves

16 Apr

1) Fruit and vegetables pouches – About three months ago, Lucas decided that vegetables are poison and he wasn’t gonna eat them.  The baby who used to suck down beet puree and lap carrots off his fingers now gags (actual, vocal, full body shudder gagging) when veggies cross the threshold of his mouth.  So every day, we waste vegetables at lunch and dinner since we continue to offer the retched things despite his refusal to consume them.  We’ve tried all the tricks — from cutting them up super small and mixing them into something he likes – today, I found a pile of miniscule diced carrots sitting beside his clean bowl of pasta — to demonstrating good behavior – when we take enthusiastic bites of green beans he merely offers us the ones from his tray. Enter the life saving pouches with delectable combinations like green bean, pea and pear – pouches that he sucks down like a bagless Dison vacuum.

2) His reflection – here’s Luke checking himself out on the last page of Peek-a-Who.  The page says, “Peek a YOU” and offers a warped little mirror… a mirror now dripping with saliva, snot and residue of Luke’s love for his own appearance. This is not a trait he comes by from his mother — someone who used to dread “crossing over” in high school because you had to stroll down the hallway with a full length mirror staring back at you.  By the looks of Luke’s reaction to the full body mirror at Gigi and PopPops house, dude would never mind going from first floor east to second floor west.


3) Cars – One of the only words that Luke volunteers on a daily basis without any prompting is “car” – he points to them when we are outside, when we are reading books and when it is time to play with his toys.  He has quite a few cars, but particularly loves a little yellow two seater from his Nan and Pops.  This old school Little People model offers minutes (a long time in his world) of endless fun as it zooms around our coffee table.

4) The Park – Lucas thinks the park that backs up to our neighborhood is own personal property.  Left to his own devices when outside, he almost always makes a break for the park.  Little dude has walked the entire way there with Tim trailing behind – basically the equivalent of a half marathon for a toddler.  Here’s the issue: he never wants to leave and he isn’t good at sharing.  As soon as we turn the stroller towards the path that heads home… utter meltdown.  When he walks all the way there, he needs to be carried the whole way home, whining all the way.  And, we are almost always there by ourselves.  So when another child shows up to play on his playground, he lets them know what he thinks about it with a yell, shake of the head no and waving his arm to shoo them away.

5) The Wiggles – and specifically the song Zardo Zap, if there is something stronger and more intense than love, it would be a better descriptor of how Luke feels about The Wiggles. And, despite the fact that I feel the very opposite about them, I still find myself singing “Fruit Salad” or “Big Red Car” in the middle of business meetings.  Even worse, last week I found myself Googling The Wiggles to learn what happened to the Yellow Wiggle as he was played by a different character in recent episodes.  It was a true “you know you are a parent when…” moment.



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