16 Months

9 Apr

Dear Lucas–

Your laugh was the soundtrack of this month – a soundtrack that I’d gladly listen to on repeat for the rest of my life.  Baby giggles are contagious and I’m always the guilty party of cracking my composure thanks to your laughter.  You throw your dinner across the table and it splatters everywhere.  I’m mad.  I made that dinner – rushed home from work to put something together for you.  You thanked me by tossing it and even managed to spill some onto my work clothes.  Did I mention I’m mad?  But then… then you laugh.  One of those trademark Lucas belly laughs that erupt out of your mouth like little hiccups at first and eventually becomes loud, silly gulps of laughter.  And instead of giving you the stern “I’m so mad” Mommy face, I laugh. I always laugh. And baby, it’s good to laugh in that crazy, somewhat out of control, my face hurts because I’m smiling so much kind of way.

And thanks to your ear tubes, your little voice is becoming more and more the lyrics on our monthly soundtrack.  Just yesterday, you walked to the side of the bed, put your arms up and said “up” – clear as day.  You punched that “P’ on the end of the word and it didn’t sound like a baby said it at all.  You try and repeat lots of our words, and say ball, cracker, outside, car, duck and dada all on your own.  Interestingly, you’ll note that “mama” isn’t on that list.  I’m not quite sure why one needs to be saying “cracker” with such frequency but eschews the name of she who gave him life… just sayin.

The Lucas sideshow is in full effect on most days – especially when we are looking to distract you.  We are often asking you to point out your nose, eyes, ears, mouth, belly, toes, hair and head while waiting in the checkout line of the grocery store.  And you can be heard roaring like a lion, hissing like a snake and quacking like a duck all throughout Bucks county while Mama drives to and from work. On nights that you can’t sleep (seems like every night) and you join us for a few hours in our bed, you spend quite a bit of time pointing to your nose and then touching each of ours.  It’s inevitable that you and I will get a case of the giggles from all this facial prodding and Daddy will ignore us both.

You also truly embraced the outdoors this month.  The rash of unseasonably warm weather has us eating dinner on the deck, playing outside after school and talking many walks too the park.  On the days when it is chilly, we find you standing next to the deck doors pounding your fists in frustration. You even managed to remove the curtain rod from the deck doors in your rage to be let outside.  Once outside, you point out all the trees and stop to touch every dandelion.  If we let you, you make a running break for the park as we trail behind.

What did I ever do before you were here, sweet boy?

I love you to the moon and back.
Your Mama


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