Park Adventures

3 Apr

We’ve been spending a lot of time outside lately.  From the moment I pull Luke out of his car seat at home, he tells us again and again that he’d prefer to be outside — sometimes he tells us by pointing, sometimes by whining, and sometimes by removing the curtain rod on the back door so that he has a completely clear picture of all the fun he is missing by staying inside. So even though it has been colder in recent days, we are still playing outside after dinner.

Last week, we took a walk over to the local park with Tali and Lucas.  Once there we let the boys roam free.

Luke showed us that he was perfectly capable of pushing his own stroller (mostly in circles).

Until this happened…

No babies were injured in the making of that photo, but Tim did whisper loudly “hurry up and take the damn picture before someone sees me and thinks I’m a bad parent.”

Mean mommy ruled the stroller off limits for the remainder of the park visit, so Luke decided it was his turn to walk Tali.

All fine and good while Daddy is holding the other end of the leash.  This, of course, was only fine and good for less than thirty seconds till someone needed to do it by on his own.



One Response to “Park Adventures”

  1. Teresa April 3, 2012 at 11:34 am #

    Tim always wanted a helper to walk Tali, I remember in a much earlier blog “Luke, next time it is your turn to walk Tali” He is so independent, a great asset when he is older, not so much now:)

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