Weekend Away

16 Mar

Last weekend, Tim surprised me with an adults-only getaway.
This baby spent the weekend with my parents .. and clearly was devastated at the time apart from his loving, doting parents.

And by devastated I mean elated…  little jerk. (Photo courtesy of text from PopPop)

We spent checked in here, where they kindly upgraded us to a suite.  They must have heard the story about the doting parents who went away and their baby forgot about them courtesy of amazing grandparents.

Then, we took a lovely stroll down Walnut Street for a little of this and that.


It was delectable.

The next morning, after some breakfast, I went to the spa and Tim went running.  We cabbed over to the Philadelphia Flower Show and pretended to be in Hawaii for the afternoon.

That right there… that’s a wall of lettuce that I was slightly tempted to caress but held myself back.  There were hula dancers, and lots and lots of people purchasing willow branches — which Tim thought they were bringing home to plant in their yards.


Then afternoon shopping, resting and a ridiculous dinner at Village Whiskey with duck fat fries and a bowl of cheddar sauce that I thought about licking clean but also resisted. Are you impressed by all the restraint I showed during this getaway? It’s because it was an adult only affair – no little baby to stain my clothes or tear out my hair so I figured similar self control was necessary. After dinner, we laughed and laughed… in our front row (much to my chagrin) seats at Helium.


We slept and slept… on “spring forward” daylight savings day none the less. And, most importantly, relished the time to just be him and me.  The two that were before we both became three.  We remembered what it was like to be us.  And for that, for all the planning, for the sweet surprise, for the time to recharge, I’ll always be grateful.


One Response to “Weekend Away”

  1. Teresa March 16, 2012 at 2:47 pm #

    What a great husband!!! Way to go Tim.

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