Brush-a Brush-a

16 Jan

We’ve been brushing Luke’s teeth for about two weeks now.  As in, yes, we just started brushing our child’s teeth two weeks ago.  Parents of the year, right here… we are expecting the award from the American Dental Association any day now.

As with any decision that impacts bedtime, we hemmed and hawed (well, mostly me) for a while about adding something new into the bedtime routine.  Tim took matters in his own hands and decided to cut out the nighttime bottle and add in the tooth brushing all at once.  Luke adores the tooth brushing – he often signs “more” as I brush them, and recently has added in the sign for “all done” which really means “Mama, you are all done brushing, now give me the toothbrush so I can do it.”

Dropping the nighttime bottle was a bit trickier.  Depending on the night, he either went to bed as if all was the same, or screamed his face off for more than an hour till someone (obviously me since Tim is the tough parent) gave him a pacifier. It seems that we are slowly edging into this routine becoming the new normal, and, with that, officially put away the bottles this weekend.  I was mournful, and Tim practically drop kicked them into the closet.  Apparently he didn’t like washing them and couldn’t want to be done, he also expressed great glee at reclaiming the foot of counter space they were taking up.

Here’s little man showing off his mad brush-a brush-a skills.


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