From the Kitchen

13 Jan

It’s been a long time since one of these posts!  I’ve still been cooking, but maybe not as many new recipes.  With Luke now eating what we eat — or should I say, only eating what we eat, as in only consuming food off our plates on some nights – the pressure to pick Luke up, get home, cook dinner and have it on the table by 6pm often cuts into my chances to experiment with recipes.

1) Egg Muffins – I made these for Lucas – added broccoli and cheese – and froze them for easy daycare breakfasts.  Of course, he doesn’t like them.  Tali, however, appreciates them as Luke tends to toss his pieces off the highchair into Tali’s waiting grasp.

2) Baked Fried Chicken – I think my mom made this and claimed it to be a great success.  It was a flop in my house.  I think I crowded the chicken into a too-small baking dish, and then wasn’t happy with the amount of butter the recipe called for so I eliminated a bunch.

3) Cashew Chicken Lettuce Wraps – These were yummy, and Luke loved them too.  They are a definite keeper, although I may spice them up a bit for the next round.

4) Coconut Banana Bread –  This recipe was my inspiration to try baking with coconut oil instead of butter. The bread came out really yummy, and it is supposedly much healthier than oil/butter.  The coconut oil was interesting – you have to melt it before baking – and smelled super delicious.  I’m going to use it in some more recipes and will have a more comprehensive review soon.

5) Pan Fried Tilapia – A last minute find, this was one of those “holy shit, I’m home late from work and have fish to cook and no time to bake them,” Chef Google provided the recipe and it was pretty good.  I think Luke may have liked it best, but it will be a back pocket recipe for similar time pinches in the future.

6) Sauteed Snow Peas – yummy!  I love snow peas as a deviation from our typical green beans.  The soy sauce was a great addition to my standard olive oil/garlic mixture.


2 Responses to “From the Kitchen”

  1. Teresa January 13, 2012 at 5:25 pm #

    Did you warm the tilapia on a paper grocery bag in the oven as the recipe indicates?? Recipe sounds delicious but brown paper grocery bag?????
    Can’t wait to try the snow peas.

    • JRaePhelan January 13, 2012 at 8:21 pm #

      No! I just let them sit on a plate next to the stove top 🙂 No paper grocery bags for me! The snow peas were really good – and incredibly simple!

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