13 Months

11 Jan


Did you know that you turned 13 months old this past Monday?  Probably not since your Mama forgot to remind you!  Clearly, your “month” birthdays aren’t quite the big deal they were for your first twelve, but I’m going to try to mark each month with a photo and a quick recap for the next year.

Your last month of life was marked with so many fun events and so many antibiotics!  Poor baby, you were on course after course of drugs for persistent ear infections, pink eye and so much more.  Your teeth were rough this past month.  I think you had just cut your third tooth on your first birthday, and now you turn 13 months old with five teeth in your mouth.  Your two lower chompers are all the way in and the top three are still crooked, staggered and totally adorable.  They are also quite sharp – something you’ve taken to showcasing now and again with a friendly bite.

Christmas and New Years were full of family, wrapping paper, boxes and mayhem.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.  And, although you were somewhat unimpressed with opening your Christmas presents, you have really enjoyed playing with all the new toys.  It’s so fun to watch you actually play with things – not just lay passively and stare at the ceiling fan, or bang things together.  You understand how to use the shape sorter on your new house, and love to go back and forth through the door.  You’ve started to dance to music this month – mostly repeated squats and sometimes a wonky shaking of your arm.  It’s awfully cute, but, for your sake, I’ll hope for an improved sense of rhythm and dance moves in time for school dances.

We are also so impressed with your comprehension this month.  If I ask you to go look out the window, you do.  If we ask you where your head is, you start pulling your hair.  When I give you your socks in the morning, you sit down and try to put them on.  When I ask if you are thirsty, you jump up and walk to the kitchen.  You are always surprising me with what you know and understand. And perhaps most excitingly, this month brought your first word!  No, not “Mama” or “Dada” – not even “Tali” or “Monkey.” Your first word was “car.” It sounds like “ah-Cahhhhrr” and is always accompanied with the tell tale pointing at said vehicle.  We think you may also be saying “that” and “yeah” (specifically in response to questions), but the jury is still out.

But, with this increased wherewithal, we’ve also officially welcomed temper tantrums.  Because when you babble nonsense at me and I’m not sure what you are asking, you are ticked off.  And, you let us know you are ticked with red-faced screaming indignation.  Sometimes you collapse into a heap on the floor and cry big crocodile tears while I run through the list of things you’d like… water? food? hug? look out the window? Tali? Most of the time I strike out, but when I do land on what you’ve asked, you look at me as if to say, “fool, finally!”  For next month, let’s have more language and less temper tantrums, okay?

Little baby bundle, you rock our socks off.

Love you to the moon and back,
Your Mama


One Response to “13 Months”

  1. GiGi January 12, 2012 at 5:42 pm #

    Glad we still have crossed ankles at 13 months!!!!

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