Wrapping Up 2011

2 Jan

I started this blog almost one full year ago.  Luke was about three weeks old and I was losing my mind.  The baby blues, lack of sleep and absence of adult interaction were taking their toll.  I used to sit in the glider in Luke’s room and mentally write entries in a blog/journal that didn’t exist.  At that point, most of the imaginary entries were lengthy diatribes about the cons of breastfeeding and how I wanted to quit instantaneously.

So, with little planning and no foresight, Rocket Poo Baby Grins was born one cold morning in January.  I wrote for several days before telling Tim about it.  I was sure it would be a fad – something I’d do for a few weeks until the baby started sleeping through the night and I started leaving the house again.  I’m not great at sticking with things – just ask Tim who is often stuck cleaning up my half finished projects and eating my “new” recipes or snacks in the kitchen.  But, here we are a year later and I’m still writing, and lots of you are still reading.  I stuck with it.  And, I’m not embarrassed to be really proud of that fact, because it would have been a lot easier to give up.  I could have used all that time on Sunday nights for other things.  I wouldn’t have struggled for things to write about or pictures to take.  But, I stuck with it … for you but mostly for me.

So, thanks.  Thanks for motivating me to keep writing.  Thanks for reading.  BIG thanks for commenting – either here or in person. Thanks for getting to know my son through these posts.  And most of all, thanks for being such a big part of 2011.

Some things of interest:

  • I published 313 posts this year.
  • People are finding this blog using very strange Google search terms.  So, I’d like to officially welcome everyone who found Rocket Poo by searching “evil baby grins,” “hipster baby,” “baby tongue,” “why are babies nervous?”
  • Teresa wins the “most frequent commenter” award (trophy is in the mail!) – with nearly twice as many comments as next in line Gigi!  Tim, on the other hand, has commented twice (guessing on that one since the blog stats don’t report down into those low numbers).
  • The two most popular posts (according to views) are here and here. Apparently you all are into sickness and tongues.  I’ll try to provide more of this in the future.  Lord knows we’ve got enough germs in this house to write a blog solely dedicated to baby petri dish illnesses.

So, if anyone wants to recap the year and check out Luke’s official baby book, feel free to peruse the book I made that features the photos and (most of) the blog entries from Luke’s first year.  101 pages and much grumbling about taking too much time later, I’m really pleased with the result.  If you want any hope of reading the fine print, I recommend viewing in full page mode.

Happy New Year, everyone, from the baby who wouldn’t wake up to celebrate last year and the one who wouldn’t stop playing to smile for the camera this year.


3 Responses to “Wrapping Up 2011”

  1. Kristin January 2, 2012 at 9:24 am #

    What an amazing year for you all! Love the book 🙂 Happy New Year!

  2. Dad January 2, 2012 at 1:07 pm #

    You should be proud of yourself, your book, and your family for this blog was amazing. (If I knew there was a trophy, I would have commented more often.)

  3. Teresa January 2, 2012 at 6:26 pm #

    YEAH, you are back. I was going through serious Luke withdrawal. Looking forward to my trophy. Tell Tim I will put it next to all my yoga trophies:)

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