Where’s your nose?

21 Dec

Some friends who also had babies last December were discussing recent milestones their babies had hit.  In the course of the discussion, they noted that their babies were beginning to accurately respond to questions and commands – things like, “Where’s your nose?” or “Pick out the blue toy.”

I immediately committed one of the cardinal sins of motherhood — comparing.  “Oh crap,” I thought.  “Luke doesn’t do any of those things. He’s behind.”

During dinner that night, I whipped out the new training regiment.  Prepared to grill him again and again, until, g-d it, he told me where his freaking body parts are. As he pushed ravioli around his tray, I asked “Lucas, where’s your nose?”

Bam. Finger pointing at nose.  Prompt. Precise. Accurate.

You could have knocked me off my chair.  I looked at Tim, “Did you teach him that?” Although, his equally dumbfounded look gave me the answer.  Looking back at Luke, I asked, “Lucas, where’s your mouth?”

Bam. Finger pointing at mouth. Prompt. Precise. Accurate.

Yup, my kid’s a genius!

As I side note, I got cocky later that night and asked him to hand me the blue toy.  In response, he kicked the yellow block and then pulled my hair.  You can’t win them all.

(thanks to daycare for teaching him the things that his lousy parents clearly don’t realize he is supposed to be learning already)


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