Birth Story: Part Two

6 Dec

So after our brief detour around Willow Grove, we found the hospital, parked and walked into triage.  At this point, we were still presuming that we’d head home that same evening and didn’t bring along the fifty zillion bags that we’d packed.  We arrived in triage right at shift change – the first time it occurred to me that I wouldn’t have a single nurse throughout my entire labor and delivery – and got used to the “sit and wait” mentality of having a baby.

They hooked me up to the monitors to make sure all was well with BBP – who, side note, still did not have a name – and immediately noted that I was having contractions every few minutes.  In a scene that would belong in “I didn’t know I was pregnant,” I said, “oh that’s what those are…” and started paying closer attention to the regular tightening of my belly.  We watched on the monitors as the contractions rolled through, and listened to the baby rolling, dancing and jiving along.  Everyone who came into triage commented on how active the baby was, as the monitors made screeching noises with every flip, roll, kick and bump.  My belly was bouncing along with the gymnastics performance inside and I remember thinking that this would be one of the last times I’d feel my “inside baby” play.

It was in triage that we first noticed that the monitors in the rooms showed the belly monitoring from every room in the hospital ward.  At that point, it was still fun for me to compare my contractions with others and note who seemed to be having “worse” (ha, if I only knew then…) contractions than others.  It was clear that our monitors were having more regular action than almost everyone else who was there because they were in “labor” – not just to receive the induction medications.

And apparently the doctors agreed, they decided it wouldn’t be safe to give us the medicine and send us on our way.  We had just received a one way ticket to the L&D ward where we’d spend the night on low, low dose pitocin to soften up the cervix to help for the next morning’s induction.  Because, although I was contracting regularly, I was only dilated to a one (same as I’d been for weeks!). We probably called over to let my parents know that we’d be staying in the hospital overnight and tell my mom that she was welcome to join the torture fun tomorrow morning – although I don’t have strong memories of that phone call.

At this point, I was scared. I was going to have a baby. And soon.


One Response to “Birth Story: Part Two”

  1. Gigi December 8, 2011 at 6:59 pm #

    I was scared too!!!!

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