Birth Story: Part One

5 Dec

This week’s post sponsored by: I had a baby and can’t believe he is one, so I’m going to tell you all about what it was like to birth him.

Since Lucas was procrastinating the long journey towards freedom, the doctors scheduled me for an induction with instructions to arrive in the hospital on the evening of December 8th. What a strange day, that Wednesday, walking around all day and running errands knowing that we were merely hours away from meeting the little man who would change our lives.

Tim worked from home that day, because we were all convinced that at any moment this baby would decide that inductions are for sissy boys and announce his imminent arrival on his own.  I puttered around – double checking my hospital bag, making sure that I hadn’t forgotten any of the little things that were supposed to make this experience all the more tolerable.  Around lunchtime, I needed a distraction and headed out for a pedicure.  The women at the nail salon looked like they’d rather I wasn’t there at all – – the same looks I’d been getting all week long while shopping at Kohl’s, eating out and certainly whenever a stranger asked “when are you due?” and I replied “four days ago.”

In the late afternoon, we packed up the car and Tali and headed over to my parent’s house – Tali’s temporary home while we’d be at the hospital.  At this point, the doctors were recommending that we come into triage that evening, get a cervix softening gel and then head home for the night.  They’d plan to call us back to the hospital in the early morning to start Pitocin.  But, we packed the car as if we’d walk into the hospital and be there for the long haul – in retrospect, a good idea.

When we got to my parent’s house, we joked about my “last meal” – knowing that I wasn’t supposed to eat once induction got rolling in the morning, and ordered carryout locally.  I was too nervous to really eat and was starting to panic about getting to the hospital in time.  After a goodbye to Tali and a pang of guilt for the poor dog who had no idea what was going to happen to his life, we headed off to Abington Hospital.

And, that should be the end to this installment, but, of course, it isn’t.  Because we were driving to the hospital from my parent’s house – a trip we’d never taken before – we asked for directions from the Newtown dwellers who had made the jaunt.  In response, we got conflicting instructions but were feeling nervous enough to head out without confirmation. And, yup, we got lost.  Got lost on the way to the hospital to have our baby.  Only us.


One Response to “Birth Story: Part One”

  1. Gigi December 8, 2011 at 6:56 pm #

    I defer responsibility for the mistaken directions.

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