From the Kitchen

18 Nov

1) Oatmeal Pancakes – These are made with soaked oats – my first time soaking them.  Probably because I can never remember the night before to pull out the oats and milk!  And, I thought they were just delicious (coming from someone who doesn’t care for pancakes).  Luke agreed, as did his daycare teacher who told me she couldn’t resist trying a bite.  Everyone concurred that they tasted a bit like an oatmeal cookie (maybe it was the cinnamon?).  Everyone, that is, except Tim.  He said they were lumpy.  So, pancake purists stay away, and everyone else give a try.

2) Honey Sauced Chicken – Only eh — I think it would be better sauteed in a frying pan rather than baked.  The chicken needed to be browned, for sure.

3) Baked Cinnamon Breakfast Bites – I pinned these a few weeks ago and was inspired to try them when I noticed one of Tim’s cereals had rice as the top ingredient.  After picking out the yogurt and fruit bits, I was off to the races.  They were fast, easy and very tasty – a nice change for a weekend breakfast.


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