Binkie Debate

16 Nov

We are having a great binkie debate in our house.

On one side – Lucas James, a boy with a proclivity for binkies who is lobbying hard for nighttime access to his favorite paci.

On the other – Mom and Dad, parents who dread the thought of breaking a binkie habit, but desperately need sleep.

I’m hoping this is just a side effect of teething, but the past two weeks have included many night time wake ups and lots of screaming.  Often times, he won’t even calm down when we hold him.  And, once he is calm and asleep again, he wakes up promptly when we put him back in the crib.  Rinse, repeat.  Night after night.  Unless, we give him his pacifier.  If the paci is offered, he pops it right into his mouth, lays down and sleeps.  No fighting.  No screaming.  No rinsing and repeating.

Even better, if he has the pacifier, he isn’t waking up at 5am for the day.  He isn’t even waking up at 6am.  And, if he does, he just plays contentedly in his crib like a little angel till we come and get him at 6:45.  This, my friends, is a first.  And, it’s this, that bends my anti-paci will a little.  So, now we debate whether we give him the pacifier when he goes to bed at night – because maybe then, we wouldn’t be stumbling in at 4am to provide it.  But, he doesn’t need it to fall asleep.  He happily goes into his crib in the evenings, plays, talks, walks around and then lays down for the night and goes to sleep.

Stay tuned as time will tell who wins the debate (although, I’d put money on Lucas, if I were you).


2 Responses to “Binkie Debate”

  1. Teresa November 16, 2011 at 6:12 pm #

    $5 on Lucas.

  2. Gigi November 19, 2011 at 7:07 am #

    Why not place the paci in the crib every night, after he has gotten himself to sleep? Do you think he would be able to find it at his 4 am protest time?

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