Eleven Months Old

9 Nov

Dear Lucas James-

When I announced at daycare this morning that you were eleven months old today, you clapped for yourself and pointed at the list of birthdays on the wall.  How’d you get so smart already, little baby? Surely, it was just days ago that you couldn’t roll over or sit up.  And, it must be only last week that I was eagerly awaiting your arrival – waking up every morning wondering if today would be the day.  But, alas, it wasn’t days ago or last week, it was eleven whole months ago.  And now, I wake up every morning (usually because someone is crying… hint, it isn’t Daddy) and wonder what the day has in store for us – our perfect little ‘party of three.’

You are so, so fun at this age.  From stumbling around the house to crawling with lightning speed, it is safe to say that you are into everything.  Last night you spent fifteen minutes removing the stopper from the food processor and putting it into the mixer’s bowl.  Why?  Because you could, but especially because you just figured out how to open that cabinet that contains such interesting treasures.  That’s the general theme these days – if I open the blinds, you immediately crawl over to bang on the windows.  If I reach into a cabinet to get out a pot, you stumble over, open the cabinet and squeal because “OMG, there are pots in there!” and then spend the next ten minutes throwing the pots all over the kitchen.

At eleven months old, you already have firmly established likes and dislikes.  You love to go out to eat (something you get from Mama) since you can snoop on all the other diners (also something you get from Mama), although we need to work on your discretion.  You adore the swings, and we try to walk over to the park as often as possible.  You like riding in the grocery store cart – and trying to throw everything out into the aisles.  You are not a fan of socks, and remove them as soon as possible.  You could do without riding in the car – especially in the dark – and still insist that I sing “Old McDonald” for the majority of our time to/from daycare. And, veggies are often hit or miss; we see you tossing them off the side of your highchair tray in favor of fruit, cheese or meat.

The statistics department would like to add that you are drinking two bottles per day, along with one sippy cup of formula and another of water.  You love eating your three meals a day – especially dinner alongside Mama and Daddy.  And, you are quite the good eater – none of this “kid” food for you.  Fish? You love it. Tacos? Can’t get enough. Pasta bolognese? Shovel it in. Black beans and quesadillas? One of your favorite lunches.  We hear lots and lots of babbles, but are hard pressed to identify any specific words.  But, that doesn’t meant you don’t tell us what you want through pointing, crying and grabbing!  Did I mention you are walking?  Silly baby, you’re early on that one! You are down to one nap a day at daycare, but still will take two on the weekends. And, speaking of sleep, you’ve taken up an interest in dozing in our bed.  And, while I adore the cuddling, I think 7am would be an ideal time for us to snuggle, so let’s shelf this 5:30am habit, huh?

Sweet baby, you’ve given us the best eleven months.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I love you to the moon and back,
Your Mama


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