From the Kitchen

21 Oct

1) Turkey Taco Pasta Skillet – I always like a one pot meal – fewer dishes, quick prep, typically short cook-time, you really can’t go wrong.  This was pretty tasty.  I tend to be a traditionalist when it comes to pasta, but Tim liked it and Luke went wild for it.  Also, it makes enough to feed an army – don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

2) S’more Cookie Bars – I don’t like s’mores, but these…. these I liked.  Relatively quick, easy and very tasty.

3) Chicken Tortilla Soup – Tim and Luke ate this crock pot meal when I was out getting my haircut.  I forgot to try it the next night and never did get a spoonful.  He’ll have to weigh in with a review.

4) Keep It Tight Tilapia – I made this for Luke and I while Tim was out at happy hour.  It was good… not great.  I’ll stick to my Caribbean Jerk Tilipia for the next go round.

5) Grilled Balsamic Garlic Crusted Pork Tenderloin – Very, very good – also very, very easy.  I’ll definitely make it again.  Luke loved it, as well, and gobbled leftovers several times.

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