Five Things I Love About Luke (Ten Month Edition)

18 Oct

1) He always smells like graham crackers.  He doesn’t eat graham crackers, so I’m not sure where it comes from, but his breathe is always sweet and all his blankets have a caked-in graham cracker scent courtesy of the gallons of drool oozed all over them.

2) Luke treats us to a “shock and awe” face quite often these days — big wide eyes and an “ohhh” mouth.  We see it regularly, but without fail when walking downstairs and he spots Tali. He’s always utterly shocked to see him and immediately begins waving furiously.

3) Dude loves to stack things.  He tries to stack everything – stuffed animals on top of tiny little blocks, triangle shaped blocks on top of balls, pieces of food on top of other bits of food, etc…

4) In the past week, we are often treated to an “ET” moment when he holds out one tiny finger to press against something.  We regularly offer him our finger in return and speak in an ET voice.  He looks confused when we do this.

5) On most nights, Tim feeds him his nightly bottle.  When he is done drinking, Tim calls for me to come in and read Luke his “Good Night Moon” book. I could melt into a puddle of Mama mush when I walk in the room and am treated to a sleepy eyed, big gummy grin and outstretched arms.  When I pick him up, he rests his head on my shoulder and I wish for time to stop.


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