28 Sep

Luke started waving hello last week.  But, don’t go waving to him and think he’ll wave back.  Oh no, Luke decides when and to whom he shall wave.  If you were his stuffed bear or monkey, we’ll then you’d be lucky because they always get a wave hello.  And, if you were on the TV, well then consider yourself on the “will wave” list.  But, if you happen to be the random guy behind us at the store waving at Luke to be thoughtful and sweet… well then you aren’t on the “will wave” list, you are on the “stare skeptically at with full-on side eye” list.  Sorry random dude, Luke sets the rules.

Lucky me, I’m on the list.


One Response to “Waving”

  1. Gigi October 3, 2011 at 5:27 pm #

    Is he waving or swatting at a fly???? Is that an electric socket that he is putting his wet fingers on????? Tooooo cute.

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