21 Sep

Remember when I told you that Luke stands all the time.  Well, I didn’t realize what all the time meant then.  Because, now…. now, he stands all the time.  And, Tim and I, on the other hand, spend all of our time crouched behind him, because although he loves to stand, he still doesn’t quite understand the need to hold on.  These days, he’s all hot shot ‘look at me, I can stand’ and then he’s all ‘look one hand’ as he dangles precariously off the edge of the coffee table with his eye hovering close to the pointy corner part.

Here’s some “appropriate places for standing” per Lucas.

As usual, hanging out near the corner of the coffee table.

Fleeing the confines of parental oversight.

"Helping" Daddy vacuum

Getting overly cocky with his abilities while helping Mama fold laundry.


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