Baby Rambo

22 Aug

I’ve given birth to Baby Rambo.  Or, “Baby Bam Bam” as we call him around the house. In the words of Hall & Oates, “he’s a maniac, maniac on the floor.”

Tim, Tali and I are developing a finer appreciation for life pre-crawling as we chase Bam Bam around the house. Here’s a look at how some of the things we used to take for granted have taken on new meanings…

  • The dog’s bowls …. are no longer left on the floor for Tali to enjoy a mid-day lap of water, as someone seems to think they are mini pools left on the floor for a mid-day splash.
  • The kitchen throw rugs used to capture bits of dirt and ick from our feet/paws when coming in from outside, now they are merely a new place to hang out and slap the edges up and down, aimlessly scattering whatever debris they were placed there to catch.
  • The single step from the great room into the hallway was once a means to get from room to room… now it has become the perfect place to play, ideal for pulling up, crawling up the single step and scaring everyone senseless by immediately trying to sit once clearing the ledge (while our diapered, fluffy butt still hangs precariously close to the ledge)
  • The indoor doors (bedroom, bathroom, french) were surely placed there to swing to and fro to the tune of high-pitched shrieks of glee.
  • The air conditioning grates on the floor that help keep the house cool in the summer are now thought to hide wonderful things, like gads of puffs, as tiny little fingers are often slipped between the slates to feel around.
  • The refrigerator and dishwasher doors are clearly toys that only appear open for fleeting seconds revealing wonders within.  So tempting that one must immediately drop what they are doing and crawl at rapid fire speed only to cry in disappointment once the second has passed and the bewitching doors close again.
  • And, the most tempting and troubling …. the dog’s crate … a toy clearly placed there for Bam Bam to attempt to climb, and a place that quickly and surely elicits barking from Tali, one of Bam Bam’s favorite noises.

And, along with all these Rambo-esque activities, come the following noises from us….


“Put that down!”

“Lucas… I’m serious, drop that.”

“Here play with this… no not that door, bowl, crate, floor grate.”

“Bark. Bark. Bark.” <—- that one was Tali.


One Response to “Baby Rambo”

  1. Teresa August 22, 2011 at 5:55 pm #

    It is only starting!!!!!

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