Doesn’t the shirt say it all?

11 Aug

Mr. Trouble, Lucas James himself, was up to no good last week.  All that growing, developing, hitting milestones… it’s for the birds.  I’ll keep my little snuggle buddy just a bit longer, okay?

Once Luke started getting into a sitting position from his belly, it was mere days till he started kneeling and attempting to pull up, then only 24 hours till he started taking several crawling steps.  And, I resisted every urge to knock him back down to a sitting position and/or play a recording saying “slow down, slow down” while he sleeps in an attempt to hypnotize.  Instead, I cheered him along and watched him tick milestones of the list in hours rather than months, all the while inside staring wide eyed and a twinge nostalgic for my itty bitty.  Of course, then I remembered the whole nursing round the clock thing and I went back to full on Mama Cheerleader role.

Notice the red mark over his eyebrow?  Yup, that’s from ramming his head into the chair seconds before this photo was snapped.  Something that he continued to do with vim and vigor until we removed him from the floor.

Another thing he liked doing while in this position?

Yup, biting the edge of the chair. Tali, of course, whined in protest wondering why he gets in trouble for biting the chairs while the baby gets his picture taken for the very same act.  Ahhhh Tali…. life’s unfair, my pup.


One Response to “Doesn’t the shirt say it all?”

  1. Meg August 11, 2011 at 9:05 pm #

    Now he just needs some toothers to sink into the wood. 🙂

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