8 Months Old

9 Aug

Dear Lucas –

Today you turn eight months old.  To celebrate you decided today was the perfect day to start crawling. And, you aren’t fooling around, little man, you are fast!  You make a beeline for Tali and are never happier than chasing him around the kitchen table and down the hallway.  His toys are now fair game for your tiny, sticky fingers and I never find you without a thin coating of Tali fur on your behind and knees.

We are having so much fun these days, bundle-roo. You love to play with toys and will happily entertain yourself by banging your stacking cups together or shaking your rattling toys.  You tote things around the house like a little hoarder – as you roll around (or now crawl!!) you are often clutching (sometimes biting) a toy and bringing it on your adventures.

Our tiny mover grover, you are, always active and on the go – from the moment you wake up, we find you sitting, shimmy-ing, inching, scootching, rocking, jumping, banging, crawling. You definitely keep us on our toes.  I hear about other babies that want to cuddle and be held, but not you.  Why sit and cuddle when there is world to see and explore… and by world, I mean any corner of the house that hasn’t been recently vacuumed whose dust and grime seems to attract you like a bat signal.

We had wonderful adventures this month – from swim class to weekend dips in Gigi’s pool, from walks in the park to visits with friends.  Our biggest adventure yet was spending a few days in Maryland with your great grandparents and extended family. What an awesome time we had, and oh how you were loved.  You were just bathed in love every minute we were there and your Mama was so proud to show you off to her family.  Nan and Pops get all the credit for providing the best training ground for your crawling and we’ll always tell you that you learned to crawl at their house.

You are giggling more and more these days – and always at the silliest things.  You think Mama’s nightly rendition of “Good Night Moon” is a laugh riot.  Pinching Mama’s face and honking her nose never fails to bring big laughs. And, frighteningly, being scolded with a firm “not nice” always makes you giggle – methinks we are in trouble.

As for sleep… ahhhh sleep.  Mama has fond memories of sleep.  You don’t have fond memories of sleep, because you insist on waking up at the crack of dawn to hang out with us.  We are super duper flattered.  We love you too.  We also love sleeping past 5:30am.  Let’s get on the same page here, huh?

Sweet little Luke, I just love watching you grow and learn.  I promise to control the urges to cry when I see you crawling.  Instead, I’ll shake my head a bit, clap a little louder, smile a little broader and hug you a bit tighter.  Because, baby, you’re a marvel.

I love you to the moon and back.
Your Mama

For the stats department…
– You are comfortably wearing size 6-9 month clothes in everything but sleepers where you wear 6-12 month
– You are wearing size three diapers (Pampers Sensitive and Pampers Overnights)
– You spent most of the month drinking 5 six ounce bottles and eating 2 meals per day
– As of last weekend, you are now drinking 4 six ounce bottles and eating 3 meals per day (yogurt, 3 ounces fruit + 3T cereal, 3 ounces veggies, puffs, mums, melts)

Getting your monthly picture is becoming more and more challenging!  You desperately want to eat the monkey and insist on trying to crawl off the front of the chair.  We don’t have a single good smiling picture because you were so darn displeased that we were confining you to such a small area and weren’t allowing the monkey attacks to continue unfettered.


One Response to “8 Months Old”

  1. Teresa August 9, 2011 at 9:29 pm #

    After cramming (dressing) him in his sleeper, I think he could actually go up a size!! I am sure Tim would agree:)

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