Sleeping Setbacks

3 Aug

If I blog about it, it will stop right?  Just like, when you go to the doctor and your symptoms seem to miraculously disappear during the exam .  Or, when you take the car into the shop, it doesn’t make that clicking noise for the mechanics.  That’s what I’m banking on at least, because Mama needs sleep.

Per the doctor at Luke’s 6 month appointment, we changed the bed time routine so that he would “learn” to fall asleep on his own.  Instead of feeding him into a food coma and then gingerly lowering him into his crib while backing out of the room on tiptoe reciting sleep novenas, we now feed him, read Good Night Moon, discuss what we are thankful for from the day and then place him solidly into the crib wide awake.  And, amazingly, he puts himself right to sleep.  Every. Night.  <—– let that not be a case where things change, please.

But, several times last week, he’s been requiring some middle of the night attention, and not just “pop the paci in my mouth and see ya in the am” attention… more like “Imma gonna scream like a banshee until you come in my room to make sure my leg didn’t fall off and then once I see you imma gonna turn blue in the face till you pick me up” kinda screaming.

It’s been fun.


So, we brought back Dr. Ferber and listened to lots of screaming in the middle of the night.  I also prayed to the sleep gods, did a sleep dance and beg him nightly to make it through the night.  Because, 5:30am (when he likes to begin chirping) rolls around wayyyy to quickly when you’ve been up 1-2am. Appreciate any sleep dust or sleep novenas you can send our way.

(p.s. to Nan and Pops, after reading this, I totally understand if you’d like to retract our invitation for a visit this week!)



2 Responses to “Sleeping Setbacks”

  1. Teresa August 3, 2011 at 10:32 am #

    Is he teething-perhaps he is in pain? Tylenol before bedtime? (of course, that is probably way against the current child raising rules)

    • JRaePhelan August 3, 2011 at 11:13 am #

      I think last week’s bad sleeping was mostly attributable to his double ear infection. It seems (knocking on wood) to be getting better this week. We did give tylenol before bed a few nights last week and I think that helped.

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