More Rolling

13 Jul

Are you sensing a theme for the week?  There isn’t much else happening around these parts.  Just lots of rolling, testing boundaries and demonstrating the urgent need for baby proofing.

Here’s Luke early one morning rolling around our bedroom in his PJs.  He traversed about five feet to snuggle into this part of the room (frighteningly close to the bedroom door and stairwell), and was immediately tempted to reach the things hanging from the doorknob.

And, after giving Mama a gummy, snot nosed grin…

He proceeded to abandon the hanging goodies in favor of chewing on Mama’s sweatshirt (that he first plucked from the chair above him).

This lasted about two minutes, before he scotched himself backwards into the closet and under my skirts.  He spent the next five minutes kicking them violently and yelling about it with wild, gleeful abandon.


One Response to “More Rolling”

  1. Teresa July 13, 2011 at 4:38 pm #

    Who knew a closet could be so much fun?? Are you thinking “leash” for when he starts walking!!!!?????

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